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Multifaceted training of horse & rider

The philosophy of SE-Eventers

Versatile and real - these are the main terms of my philosophy in the training of young horses and the daily work with sports horses.

By versatile the combination of dressage, pole work, jumping, cross-country and hacking is meant, no matter which horse, which pedigree or which focus. Only horses that are trained in a versatile way and get variety in training and daily work are efficient, balanced and concentrated.

Furthermore, it is essential to give the horses breaks, which are particularly important for their physical and psychological development. This is how we come to real - with regard to the individual strengths of each horse.

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" With patience, understanding and professionalism we will work out the goal together with you!"

Stefan Eckel

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Riding & training of young horses

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Teaching & competition support

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Presentation at shows

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Sale of horses

The SE-Eventers team

We are a small, motivated team, which puts the well-being of the horses in the center of attention.

I am supported by my parents and my sister, who are always there to help me with advice and who also help out as a show groom or "homerider". In addition, my friends support me in their free time and when there is a need.

For us, every horse entrusted to us is a partner, a team member, which can only perform at its best if it is physically and mentally healthy. For this reason our horses are taken out of the box up to three times a day: riding, lunging, running, field, paddock or walker.
We live this attitude 365 days a year and are therefore rewarded with motivated, healthy and ambitious horses!

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SE Eventers
Training, Horses for sale

An der Weißach 6
75015 Bretten | DE

Our services


  • Show jumping course
  • Eventingcourses

Riding lessons

  • Show jumping lessons
  • Dressage lessons
  • Eventing lessons
  • Competition assistance
  • Lessons at client’s stable


  • Show jumping
  • Dressage
  • Eventing
  • Breaking in
  • Competition presentation

Young horses preparation

  • Preparation for stallion performance test
  • Preparation for mare performance test
  • Breaking in
  • Show presentation

Sales stable

  • Show jumping
  • Dressage
  • Eventing
  • Recreational
  • Hunter
  • Trading stable
  • Horses
  • Ponies

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