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Körpertherapie für Mensch und Pferd

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Solve blockades for humans and horses

Identify causes & prevent stress 

Your horse is lame and you don't know why? Your horse doesn't cooperate properly, seems sad or you often disagree when riding?

Or you are stressed out by everyday life or work and can't enjoy your free time in the stable at all?

If these topics seem familiar to you, I can help you. Together we will get to the bottom of things and search for your stress points. I will show you how you can improve the relationship and respectful communication with your horse. 

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When is the right time for you to meet me?

When you...

  • really would like to change something
  • would like to find the error in the cause
  • would like to improve the relationship with your horse
  • would like to improve the communication with your horse
  • would like to get to know the method "release holistic blockades
  • would like to develop your personality through and with your horse.


More about my offer

From the love of equestrian sport to " human and horse in harmony "

Due to private circumstances I have come to my present profession. My own horse has often had problems with the sacroiliac joint in the past. At the same time I had back pains again and again and through too much stress I got burnout. 

So it was clear for me: I have to change my life. 

Therefore I completed various apprenticeships and " human and horse in harmony" was born. 

My treatments for humans

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  • Study labour law
  • Stress management/burnout prevention 
  • Dorn Osteopathy for horses with Sandra Hüther
  • Massage Therapist 
  • 2 years training as an integrative body therapist according to Barbara Ann Brennan 

Further education: 

  • Dorn Method on humans 
  • Breuß Massage
  • Human cupping 
  • Homeopathy for animals
  • Hara Energy 
  • Release blockades on the horse after Feldenkrais
  • According to Feldenkrais, blockades are released in humans 
  • Release blockades after Wagner on horseback
  • Animal Communication
  • Aromatic oils Raindrop Technique Horse & Human

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Nadine Boltersdorf Blockaden lösen für Mensch und Pferd
Horse health, Consultancy

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Our services

Equine osteopathy

  • Mobile practice
  • Cranio sacrale therapy
  • Dorn-Breuss-Massage
  • Regional
  • Germany

Advice around the horse

  • Mental training
  • Stress management
  • Communication between horse & rider
  • Teambuilding
  • Holistic advice

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