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About us

Welcome to Gestüt Lindenbusch

The MF-Sports Horses Team consists of experienced horse people with success up to advanced level in show jumping and dressage.

We would like to develop our horses by a careful and individually appropriate training. Every horse gets the time it needs and therefore the chance to develop its strengths in the best possible way. This is the only way for an athlete to present these strengths in the long run.

In the MF-Sports Horses Tutorials Michael Fischer (successful at national and international shows) would like to give you the chance to profit from his different experiences and own knowledge.

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Michael Fischer

  • Internationally successful rider and jumping instructor
  • Trainer and rider at Gestüt Lindenbusch
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Ruth Busse

  • Stable management
  • Groom at shows
  • Groom for the jumping horses
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Stina Häbel

  • Trainee FN classical riding
  • Presenting horses at shows
  • Teaching
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Mercedes Fischer-Busse

  • Rider FN
  • Trainer for horses and riders
  • Successful up to advanced level 
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Nicole Winkler

  • Team member since 2010
  • Horse walker management
  • Groom at shows
  • Groom for the dressage horses
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M.F Sportpferde
Training, Horse boarding, Software

Lindenbuschweg 104
50226 Frechen | DE

Our services


  • Show jumping course
  • Dressage courses

Riding lessons

  • Show jumping lessons
  • Dressage lessons
  • Competition assistance
  • Lessons at client’s stable


  • Show jumping
  • Dressage
  • Competition presentation

Pension stable

  • Outdoor boxes
  • Indoor boxes
  • Outdoor jumping arena
  • Riding hall
  • Outdoor dressage arena
  • Pastures
  • Paddocks
  • Longing facility

Training app

  • Training exercises

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