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Europe-wide transports & 24 hours emergency service

Stable change, clinic trip, emergency service & co.

Meanwhile we drive with our transporters and trailers across Europe. We only drive single transports. This does not mean that we do not transport several horses at the same time, we only avoid driving to several stables and loading more and more horses. So we can make the transport for the horses as stress-free as possible.



We are also not afraid of driving with problem horses. We take extra time for the loading. Our employees are all very experienced in loading and transporting the horses, so you can rely on their skills. During the journey, the horses are monitored by video, so that we can keep a constant eye on the horses and intervene if necessary.




"In addition to comfortable driving for the horses, a trusting, friendly relationship with our customers is very important to us“.

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Trips to the horse clinic & emergency service

Your horse unexpectedly has to go to the horse clinic or you had a traffic accident? With our 24 hour emergency service, we will support you with our experience and professionalism even in this difficult situation and will bring your horse safely to its destination.

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Germany-wide transports & stable change

You want your horse moved to another stable? We are happy to help you and transport your horse reliably to its destination.

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Europe-wide Horse transportation

You want to go on holiday with your horse, move to another country with your horse or have bought / sold a horse abroad? We bring your horse relaxed and safe to its destination.

Our vehicle pool for optimal horse transportation

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2 horse transporters for 2 horses each

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Our 4 horse trailer with Audi Q7 as towing vehicle

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Transporter with trailer for a total of 4 horses

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Transporter with trailer for a total of 6 horses

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In case of accidents we are quickly there to help you and your horse. 

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We can transport up to 4 horses or 2 mares with foals with this trailer. 

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Meik's Pferdetaxi
Horse transport

Auf dem Rott
50259 Pulheim | DE

Mobile: +4915233912640
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Horse freight forwarder

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