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Die König Gruppe

  • Horse transport
  • Equestrian equipment

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Horse transportation, equestrian equipment, hay & straw deliveries

The history of the König Group

The König Group consists of various subsidiaries. This has the advantage that all services can be offered from a single source - starting with feed deliveries & equestrian sports articles, horse transport and advertising technology.

In 2015 Kevin Kampmann set the basis for the group, then still under the name DJ Sonic Event. In May 2016 the foundation of Folien König followed, in June 2017 Reitsport König was added. Due to the high customer satisfaction and the speed of the König Group the company was able to expand further and founded the StrohKönig, the trailer & car rental company König and the Hüttenkönig.

Since 2020 the König Group has also been offering professional horse transportation. Kevin Kampmann is a trained farmer and certified horse transporter, which ensures the safe transport of your horse.

The König Group at a glance


“Very good accessibility! Goal-oriented and direct communication! Very pleasant business partner. We will continue doing business with each other!"

Customer review of Sebastian, 16.09.2020 about the König Group

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Pferdetransport König

With Pferdetransport König you can have your horse transported safely from A to B. Whether long or short distance, national or international - we will bring your horse safely to its destination!

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Stroh König

The Straw King offers top quality hay and straw to both private and business customers. We offer square bales, round bales and HD bales in various sizes.

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Reitsport König

At Reitsport König you will find all kinds of articles about equestrian sports. Our online equestrian outlet always has great offers for you and your four-legged friends in stock.

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Folien König

The Folien König offers various advertising techniques, makes lettering for surfaces of any kind and takes care of the printing of clothing.

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Event König

In the Event König is still the initial DJ Sonic Event. In addition, the company takes care of event planning, management, trade fair construction & Co.

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Hütten König

At Hütten König, customers can rent, for example, Christmas market huts. We rent both single cabins for smaller Christmas markets and many cabins for a whole landscape.

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König Gruppe
Horse transport, Equestrian equipment

42279 Wuppertal | DE

Our services

Horse freight forwarder

  • up to 2
  • Europe-wide
  • Regional
  • Horse trailer
  • Transporter

Horse equipment

  • Saddle equipment
  • Leather goods
  • Head collars
  • Roaps
  • Boots & Bandages
  • Bites
  • Horse rugs
  • Horse care products
  • Food supplements

Riding Apparel

  • Breeches
  • Outerwear
  • Riding Helmets
  • Riding boots
  • Competition clothing
  • Riding gloves
  • Women’s Riding Wear
  • Men’s Riding Wear
  • Children's Riding Wear


  • Horse Rugs
  • Saddle Pads
  • Clothing
  • Other embroideries

Horse feeding

  • Horse feed
  • Lucerne
  • Concentrated feed
  • Hey production
  • Silage

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