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Hufbeschlagschmied Matthias Schellhase

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Blacksmith from Datteln

The farrier's trade lies in the family

Matthias Schellhase is a farrier from Datteln. Already as a child he had daily contact with horses and grew up with harness racing. Matthias was able to learn a lot from his father Paul Schellhase, who himself was a blacksmith and was active in amateur harness racing at the trotting racecourse in Recklinghausen.

Thus Matthias discovered his passion for horses as well as for shoeing at an early age, so that nothing stood in the way of his apprenticeship as a farrier.

My accomplishments include:

  • Classic fittings
  • Orthopaedic fittings
  • Sport fittings


From small to large, all horses are shoed by farrier Matthias Schellhase.

"It is very important to me that the horses are shoed properly. Here I am very critical of myself. I prefer to shoe fewer horses a day and pay more attention to proper shoeing.“

Teacher and catchment area

Matthias Schellhase first learned from his father. A further year of apprenticeship followed with the state-approved farrier Jan Drellmann from Waltrop.

Since spring 2019 Matthias Schellhase has been working independently as a mobile farrier.

His catchment area stretches for about 100 km around Datteln - from Vreden to Warendorf and south to Odenthal.

You would like to contact him?

Send a contact request to Matthias Schellhase or register under:

0172 663 27 56

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Hufbeschlagschmied Matthias Schellhase
Horse shoeing

Klosterstraße 6
45711 Datteln | DE

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  • Sports farriery
  • Orthopedic farriery
  • Classic farriery
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