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Martin Brülke - Your farrier in the Rhineland

“A good farrier is the best prophylactic against future veterinary costs"

MB farriery - for 12 years your reliable partner for your horse.

Our aim is to keep the limbs of the horse healthy. Therefore we offer you a comprehensive know-how of sports and orthopaedic fittings. Through extensive cooperation with veterinarians, clinics and further education institutions we offer your horse the best care.

Our service area covers the entire Rhineland from Cologne to Essen.

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Our services

  • Sport fittings
  • Orthopaedic fittings
  • Synthetic fittings
  • Adhesive fittings
  • Bare hoof treatment
  • Hoof reconstruction

State tested and approved farrier

Since childhood I have been active on horseback and as a show jumper at competitions. Therefore I know how important a good fitting and a healthy support and movement mechanism is. A horse that is properly balanced on the hoof, with the highest possible comfort in hoof protection, contributes directly to rideability.

"The horse moves as it stands"

Therefore, the demand on my work is to make your horse's running and the amount of movement that the rider demands of him as easy as possible!


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I look forward to your inquiries via my profile or directly under

  • 015111816605

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Hufbeschlag Brülke
Horse shoeing

Im Nesselraderkamp 1
51371 Leverkusen | DE

Our services


  • Sports farriery
  • Orthopedic farriery
  • Classic farriery
  • Regional

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