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Online & practical coaching of horse-human relations

What is the goal of Horsensation?

A way full of new possibilities for you and your horse

As the name already describes, Horsensation is a fusion of "Horse" - the horse - and "Sensation" - the feeling, sensation and sensory impressions.

A path that leads to more empathy for oneself and one's own horse. Only when we understand why we act this way and why the horse shows exactly this behaviour, healing and growth can occur.

Through this knowledge, an understanding cooperation and a confident handling can be built up.


Trust as the basis for an unshakeable relationship

Trust is the foundation that should be built before any "activity". Only then the next milestones come: walking, free work, riding. Each horse-human pair learns and grows at its own pace and passes through the milestones in different sequences - depending on what the mirror "horse" reveals for issues that should be solved. 

I help you to look at each milestone individually, to respond to it and to enjoy joint undertakings with joy, humour and full of new insights with the help of native horse language, the understanding of psychology and your own development process.

What does Horsensation do?

“Horsensation is all about recognizing and solving inner processes - in humans and horses. We do not only treat the symptoms, but above all we clarify the core cause in order to be able to solve all problems in a truly sustainable way."

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Training, Consultancy

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91186 Büchenbach | DE

Our services

Riding lessons

  • Lessons at client’s stable
  • Coaching in handling horses
  • Seat training

Young horses preparation

  • Breaking in

Additional training methods

  • Groundwork
  • Coaching in handling horses

Advice around the horse

  • Mental training
  • Feeding & Horse keeping
  • Horses sales consulting
  • Stress management
  • Communication between horse & rider
  • Teambuilding
  • Holistic advice
  • Problematic horses

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