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  • Equine insurances

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Our services

Our horse riding specific insurances are:

  • Accident insurance
  • Liability insurance in various areas (for horses, riders, riding instructors, retired horses, etc.)
  • Annual theft insurance
  • Horse life insurance
  • Motor vehicle insurance
  • Property and content insurance (e.g. insurance of the tack room)
    and much more
    PS: There are special rates for members whose clubs belong to the Westfalian Equestrian Sports Association.
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Accident insurance

I was lucky again, though... A sentence you have often heard in equestrian sports. And what if not?
With LVM accident insurance, you have a strong partner at your side who not only pays for permanent damage (disability), but is also on board right from the start. Immediate benefits, rehabilitation management, rescue and recovery costs and fracture benefits are available to you from the moment the damage occurs. The insurance cover is rounded off by optional pension benefits, auxiliary and nursing services, cosmetic operations, death cover and hospital daily allowance.

Horse owner liability insurance

As a horse owner, you are responsible for all damage caused by your horse, even if you cannot be blamed for it yourself. Typical animal hazards are knocking out, biting, shunning, going crazy and breaking out of the field. Also included in the horse owner's liability: 

  • Foreign rider risks
  • riding participations
  • Pet owners
  • Damage to rental property in stables
  • Carriage rides
  • Rights of recourse of the social insurance carriers
  • Crop damage
  • Participation in riding & driving shows
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Our "LVM HorsePlus" package:

  • Rental damage to horse trailers up to 10.000€
  • Foals & young horses up to 3 years old
  • Damage to borrowed riding utensils up to 1.000€.
  • Rescue & salvage costs up to 1.000€
  • Loss of receivables insurance for damage from 500€
  • Damage to rental property on fences, horse walkers & lungers, solariums and horse showers up to € 500,000

You are liable with your present and future assets. Don't let it matter! Insurance sums up to € 50 million are insurable.

Annual theft insurance

As a minimum protection, we recommend all horse owners to insure their essential basic risks at a reasonable price. This is especially true if you have placed your horse in a pension stable. The minimum protection includes:

  • Theft and robbery - also from the field or the paddock
  • Slaughter with thieving and criminal intent
  • Lightning strike on the field or paddock
  • Fire, explosion
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Horse life insurance

You can insure riding and driving horses, foals, brood mares and stallions against insurance: 

  • Death or emergency killing as a result of illness and accident; in the case of mares also as a result of pregnancy and birth
  • Theft and robbery - also from the field
  • Fire, lightning, explosion - also in the field
  • Optionally bookable: Permanent uselessness for riding and driving due to illness or accident
  • Permanent incapacity for breeding due to illness or accident (optional)

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Henrik Finke LVM Versicherung
Equine insurances

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Our services

General agency

  • Equine life insurance
  • Permanent loss of use insurance
  • Permanent breeding inability insurance
  • Horse liability insurance
  • Business liability insurance
  • Riding instructor insurance
  • Horse health insurance
  • Horse operation insurance
  • Riding-accident insurance
  • Private liability insurance for horse owners
  • Dog insurance
  • Other insurances

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