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Organisation optimisation for companies around the horse

The business activities of Eike-Susann Steinmeyer

Eike-Susann Steinmeyer offers high quality consulting services for equine businesses. Many processes have gone over into the subconscious and can hardly be questioned by oneself. This is where Eike-Susann Steinmeyer comes in with the aim of improving structures, questioning processes and thus increasing the turnover of the companies.

The focus is on honest consulting with respect and sound knowledge. The honest way of dealing with each other is the basis for a successful cooperation, because this is the only way to work together in a trustful way.

"My focus is to support the companies in the equestrian sport in a targeted and active way".

A broadly based network comes into play for upstream and downstream issues. After all, the overriding goal should always be to provide the customer with the best possible advice so that he can concentrate on the essential work. The productivity of all parties involved should not suffer from the consulting service, but - quite the contrary - benefit from it.

At a glance:

  • Expose & structure processes
  • Optimisation of the organisation in the company
  • Methodical support for management issues
  • Crisis Management
  • Customer acquisition
  • Review & revision of the business concept



“For every problem there is a solution!"

Eike-Susann Steinmeyer

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Structural improvement of companies in the horse sector

  • Associated financial improvement
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Customer acquisition / sales


  • Mediation in questions of customer & employee relations
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Creation of business concepts

  • Support, so that your project is set up in a sustainable way and your ideas are realisable

Career - The way to consulting for equestrian businesses

Eike-Susann Steinmeyer began riding at a young age. From the beginning she had to finance this expensive hobby by herself, which from today's perspective was her luck.

Early on she began to gain experience both in the stable and in the office by working at various state studs and in equestrian farms. From this a lot of knowledge about horses, clients in equestrian sports, veterinary, breeding and business backgrounds has been gained.

Both the well-being of the horses and the well-being of the people associated with them is close to her heart. Therefore it is all the more important that companies are economically solidly set up and an appropriate working environment exists.



Eike-Susann Steinmeyer now owns two of her own horses and has placed in dressage up to advanced level.

She became self-employed in spring 2020, as previous employment relationships did not yet lead to complete satisfaction at Eike-Susann Steinmeyer. To move something together, to improve organisational processes and to be happy at work, these are the goals of Eike-Susann Steinmeyer.

"I have always been interested in working on something that not only earns you money, but also gives you pleasure!"

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Training and additional qualifications

Eike-Susann Steinmeyer studied business administration at the the University of Cooperative Education. The University of Cooperative Education is known for its strong practical relevance, so that from the very beginning, what has been learned theoretically is applied in practice.

After her studies she gained professional experience in various small and medium-sized companies as well as in various horse stables. Furthermore, Eike-Susann Steinmeyer is not only familiar with competitions from the perspective of the participant, but also with the perspective of the organiser.

This was followed by various further training courses in the fields of agile working methods, systemic leadership and communication psychology. The result is a successful combination of business management knowledge and a feeling for people and horses.

What distinguishes Eike-Susann Steinmeyer?

  • Analytical and solution-oriented thinking
  • Reliability, conscientiousness, sincerity
  • Formulation of clear statements
  • Providing a good overview
  • High level of experience in the equestrian sports industry
  • With heart blood thereby


"I would like the companies that live from the economic factor horse to continue to do so well. That is why I enjoy being a consultant in the horse sector with its various areas. It is the feeling of happiness that comes from being with these animals that drives me and many other service providers. It is impossible to imagine life without the economic factor."

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WHO is just right for Eike-Susann Steinmeyer?

Eike-Susann Steinmeyer serves small and medium-sized companies in the equine sector, i.e. both horse farms and the upstream and downstream economic sectors. That means among other things also feed manufacturers, riding surface or facility manufacturers, veterinarians, manufacturers of equestrian sport accessories, box manufacturers, saddlers, associations, clubs and much more.

WHEN is Eike-Susann Steinmeyer the right place for you?

Eike-Susann Steinmeyer is the right place for you if you...

  • are looking for commercial and organisational clarity,
  • do not know any further from a business point of view,
  • want to increase your income,
  • the forest for all the trees no longer see,
  • want to gain freedom and satisfaction with structure.


WHERE is Eike-Susann Steinmeyer active?

Customers all over Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain are served.

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If you would like to get in touch with Eike-Susann Steinmeyer, you can make a contact request using the contact form or call her directly at +49 175 40 77 515.

Since business consulting services require a high degree of trust, not only the usual initial meeting is free of charge, but also all preliminary talks that serve to build trust and get to know each other.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Eike-Susann Steinmeyer

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