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Welcome to About Horses! Thank you for visiting our site. This is where we answer your questions about the platform and our services. Interested in registering with us? It's really easy and you'll be done in just a few clicks. Find out how to create your provider profile.

Who can register?

About Horses offers you a digital home as a provider for the equestrian industry. On our platform, we bring you together with equestrian sport enthusiasts from all over the world, who can find you in the different categories - from horse transportation to insurance. You will discover our categories here.

Do one or more categories on our platform fit you, your services and offers precisely? Then please do not hesitate to register to our intelligent database. Fast, easy, with just a few clicks. You can register here.

Is the appropriate category for your company not listed here? Then please send us an email. We will review your request and get back to you.

How does registration work?

You can create your own provider profile on About Horses in just a few clicks - in four simple steps: 

Step 1: You can choose between a free basic profile and our professional package (from 25€* mtl).

Step 2: Show your customers exactly what you offer and add up to 3 categories to your profile. From our categories, simply select the ones that best describe your service. 

Step 3: Under "Services & Specifications", you can define your services and your offer in detail. Select one or more subcategories which are perfectly suited to your specific services and offerings. Free of charge. This will help you find clients better and faster.

Step 4: Almost done! Now enter your personal data and your preferred method of payment. Confirm your email address. Done. Welcome to About Horses!

Become a part of our intelligent, international platform! 

Subscription and billing

Do you have any questions about your membership with About Horses? Here you'll find all of the answers to do with your subscription, your invoices and available payment methods. Simply click on the small arrow behind the corresponding question. We are happy to help.

How much does an About Horses membership cost?

With About Horses, you can reach equestrian sports enthusiasts all over the world! You can choose between a free listing and the professional package. 

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How can I pay for my About Horses subscription?

You can choose from three secure payment methods on About Horses: PayPal, credit card or direct debit. Change your payment method at any time in your personal account with just a few clicks. It’s simple.

How is the subscription charged?

About Horses invoices your subscription on a monthly basis and sends your invoice to you by email. Choose your preferred method of payment: direct debit, credit card or PayPal. In your personal area, you can see when the next payment collection is pending at a glance.

Will I receive an invoice from About Horses?

Yes. About Horses will send you a monthly invoice by email. Reliable and fast. In your provider profile, you can also see immediately when the next payment collection is due and the amount payable. 

Can I change the package I have selected?

On About Horses, you can be flexible. In your personal profile, you can change your package selection, category or booked extensions. At any time. Already paid? No problem; we will credit your account with the paid amount and offset it against your new desired package. You will receive an invoice from us by email for the new sum. Should a claim arise from the netted amount, we will debit it automatically. We will refund any credit immediately.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription in your personal account under "Subscription". You can then continue to use About Horses as usual in the current month. The subscription is terminated at the beginning of the following month. 

First steps after your registration

Already registered with About Horses? Thank you for joining our network. Do you have any unanswered questions about how to proceed? We'll happily guide you through the registration process. It's simple and you'll be done in just a few steps.

How do I publish my profile on About Horses?

Have you filled the application form and provided all the necessary information? You can now publish your profile - with just a few clicks. To do this, go directly to your own provider profile. In the lower-right corner, you will see the "Preview" button. Here, you can see at a glance if all information is correct. Is everything correct? Then click on the "Publish” button. Now, your profile is online and visible for all customers.

What happens after the application?

Have you signed up for the free basic profile? In order for your profile to go online, we need you to give us some information. This is very quick:

  • Enter your personal contact information
  • Select the appropriate category for your services in the equestrian industry

Maintain your profile on About Horses

Your provider profile is your figurehead on About Horses. We'll help you to present yourself professionally and support you with relevant updates for your profile. Discover how to fill your profile with content, quickly and efficiently create subpages and how to translate your content into other languages, allowing you to reach customers all around the world.

How do I fill my profile with content?

If you have booked the professional package, add a description for your company to your supplier profile quickly. This is easy; just click on the pencil icon. This is located at any point which you can edit. Describe your offer now - briefly, concisely and clearly. If you are logged in, you can edit or add your texts at any time

To add images, simply drag the desired image by drag & drop to the corresponding point for adding images. Simple and quick. For a meaningful online presence.

In the Basic profile, you can change your details in your personal area.


What are profile extensions?

Do you have a professional package on About Horses? With our extensions, you can customise your profile exactly to your needs. You can build your company profile individually and show customers what you have to offer on additional pages.

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What do profile extensions costs?

You have decided on the right profile expansion and you want to expand your company profile? On About Horses, the simple price structure helps you keep on top of things. All of the profile extensions cost 15, 25 or 35 euros. The costs vary depending on the main category you have selected.

How do I add additional pages to my profile?

Click in your personal area. Under "Profile extensions”, develop your business profile and book additional subpages. Quick and easy to understand. In the first step, select the categories which best fit your business from the drop-down menu. Then, you will see all the profile extensions you can book in this category. 
Or: Book your personal expansion easily on your profile page. To do this, click on the appropriate category in the navigation bar, then click "Book expansion". Immediately, you'll see information about what the new subscription costs and which subpages you can choose. Then fill your additional subpage with your individual content.

How do I translate my profile into other languages?

Present your provider profile to international customers. About Horses will be glad to help you. Are you a foreign language professional who wants to translate the texts themselves? No problem! In the processing mask, you will have sufficient space to do this.

If the input field is left blank, Google Translator, embedded in About Horses, translates your content automatically. When international customers visit your profile, the user only needs to click a button and the page contents are displayed in another language. However the quality of these translations can not be guaranteed.

On request, we translate your content in English. Qualified and fast. You can create the order on the “Translation Orders” tab in your profile: Simply click on the button "Submit texts for professional translation". In your shopping cart, all texts are collected which you want to have translated. Experienced professionals will now take care of the translation for you. About Horses will then send you the translated texts by email.

How can I book a professional translation of my texts?

With just a few clicks, you can submit your text for professional translation in your personal area. Under each text field, you find the button "Submit texts for professional translation". This opens a pop-up window with all the information about your order and the prices. Collect your orders in your shopping cart and then submit them as a package for translation - with just a click.

What is the cost of professional translation?

About Horses is happy to assist you with professional translation. The cost is 0.15 euros per word.

Marketing Tools

Do you want customers to quickly find your About Horses profile? Our marketing tools will help you with this. Discover which marketing tools will benefit you, exactly how they work and all invoicing information here.

What marketing tools are available?

Advertise your company profile specifically on About Horses. Marketing tools help your profile become more visible. Your advantage: Customers will find you and your services faster and you will stand out from other providers.

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How can I book marketing tools?

Have you found the right marketing tool? Book it with just a few clicks: Send us a request including your desired dates for the booking period. You will find the form in your personal account under the menu item "Marketing Tools". We will check the free periods and will get back to you as soon as possible - with a personal quotation and background information on your chosen online marketing. We do not assume a guarantee for your desired dates.

For the marketing tools "Image film" and "Merchandising", we will send you an individual offer - exactly suited to your needs and ideas. 
About Horses charges the booked marketing tools by the payment method stored in your personal account. You can change this at any time on request directly in your personal account. With just a few clicks - easy.

General questions

Still got something on your mind? Whether suggestions or criticism: we are happy to help. Find out how to contact other providers on About Horses and how you can report a profile that you are not happy with.

How do I get in contact with providers on About Horses?

On About Horses, you can get in touch with providers quickly and easily. Here's how it works: visit the personal profile of your desired service provider. Be it web page, email address or phone number: Here you can find all the contact information of the company. On the map, you can also see at a glance where the providers are based. This means you can quickly find the right experts in your area.

I am not a provider. Can I still register on About Horses?

At present, registration on About Horses is only open to providers. Be sure to visit us again soon! In the future, there will be a special area on About Horses for all equestrian sports enthusiasts. It offers many features and benefits!

Can I recommend suitable providers to About Horses?

Yes - absolutely. Feel free to recommend About Horses to providers you trust. We look forward to your suggestions - and working with new, great service providers. Please send us an email to

I am dissatisfied with a provider. What can I do?

Are you having problems with a provider on our platform? Are you dissatisfied with a service? Have you had bad experiences? We are very sorry

On About Horses, we bring suppliers from the equestrian world together with customers and place great value on high-quality services. In the first instance, please attempt to contact the provider to resolve the issue yourself. In severe cases, you may report a profile to About Horses. We will investigate the problem.

You can report a provider for About Horses for the following reasons: 

  • The provider makes false statements on their profile. 
  • Inappropriate images are published on the provider profile.
  • The provider does not adhere to the respectful tone of About Horses.
  • The account is fake.
  • Other reasons

Your question hasn't been answered yet?

No problem! Just send us an email or call us! You can contact our customer support weekdays between 10.30 o'clock am to 5 o'clock pm. 

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