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Training of young horses

You own a young horse and need help with the training? Do you need a rider who will break in your young horse, offer young horse riding and introduce your horse to the first riding tournaments? In addition to classical breaking in and riding, providers on our platform also offer the preparation of stallions for licensing and stallion performance tests and the presentation of mares at mare shows and mare performance tests. But already at a very young age your foal can be presented at foal shows. At About Horses you will find many trustworthy providers who will support you in training young horses right from the start. 

Training for young horses: breaking in, preparation for licensing or mare performance tests

The training of the young horses takes place mostly already in the foal-age. The foals get to know the halter and it becomes the norm that they can be touched all over the body. If these basics are learned, the further training of the young horse is clearly easier. If the horse is now at an age you can start to work with him, many owners ask themselves the question whether the stallion should be licensed or the mare prepared for the mare performance test. If the decision falls on this way of the training, you should leave the preparation of the young horses usually to a professional. There the horses enjoy a species-appropriate and professional training and are optimally prepared for the forthcoming examinations. 

An experienced rider should also usually be responsible for breaking in the horses, as this is the time when the basis for later riding is created and as far as possible no serious mistakes should be made. Should your horse continue to be trained by a professional and be prepared for the first show? You will also find the appropriate providers for this at About Horses. Inform yourself about the possibilities for young horse training and contact our suppliers. 

The possibilities of our young horse training providers at a glance: 

  • Foal shows, stallion shows, mare shows 
  • Mare performance test
  • Licensing preparation & stallion performance test 
  • Breaking in
  • Young horse riding
  • Show presentation for young horses

Breaking in

Do you own a young horse and are faced with the question of who should do the breaking in? You don't have the necessary experience yourself, but still want to be there from the very first step and know that your young horse is well looked after? Find a  suppliers that breaks in calm fully, so that your horse does not have any bad experiences. At About Horses you will find both mobile trainers to support you in training young horses on site as well as professional training stables. On the interactive map you can see at a glance which stables are near you. 

Young horse riding

Your young horse has already been safely broken in and should be trained further or even prepared for the first riding show? Are you looking for varied and young horse suitable training for your horse? About Horses lists many riders who are dedicated to young horse riding and support you in the training of your young horse. With us you will find trainers who come to your farm and offer on-site riding or stables where you can stall your horse. Find the right rider for you and your horse near you and enjoy the training and development of your young horse! 

Show presentation

Your young horse is already trained enough to master the first shows but you would like to leave the task to a professional? In this case you will also find the right rider for your horse at About Horses, who will take over the show presentation and lead your horse routinely through its first show starts. Contact our suppliers and find the right rider for your horse. 

Licensing preparation & stallion performance test

Do you own a young stallion who is to be prepared for the licensing? Are you looking for experienced horse owners who can prepare your stallion ideally for the upcoming licensing and present him there? With the intelligent map you can see at a glance which providers are in your area. So you always have the possibility to visit your young horse and marvel at its progress. 

After the successful licensing, the stallion must also pass the stallion performance test in order to be approved for breeding. There are three different possibilities for passing the HLP. Let our suppliers advise you which is the most suitable test for your stallion.

Mare performance test

The purpose of the mare performance test is to enable breeders to evaluate mares objectively and to create comparability with other mares. The mare performance test is not a prerequisite for registration in the stud book. However, if your mare is to receive the title of state premium mare, the examination must have been taken in advance. 

The mare performance test can be taken both as a station test and as a field test. During the station examination the mare is trained for 14 days and must then take a final test. In the field test, on the other hand, free jumping, basic gaits and rideability are tested on just one day on the basis of a dressage task and a foreign rider test is taken. Compared to the station test, the characteristic "willingness to perform and handling" is missing. 

Have your mare professionally prepared by one of the providers on About Horses! 

Foal show, stallion show, mare show

In order to document, evaluate and identify the born foals, they can be presented at a foal show in the year of birth. Colour and markings are documented and the foal is marked with a microchip and possibly with a brand. In addition, the foal is assessed by a commission according to type, conformation and movement. 

The mare show serves the entry of the mares into the respective mare book of the federation. All data of the mare are recorded and she is shown on the triangular track in walking and trot and, depending on the federation, also in canter. Both the basic gaits and the exterior are assessed and summarized in an overall score. Only mares that have already proven themselves in previous qualifications will be admitted to the elite mare show. 

A stallion show can be organized both by the association and by a private stallion station. Some stallion stations present their stallions and their offspring on their own stables. However, a stallion show can also take place on the occasion of the licensing or the stallion performance test. The stallions are presented either by hand or under saddle, depending on age and level of training. 

The suppliers on About Horses also take over this service for you and present your horse individually according to age and sex at all shows.

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