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Dressage and jumping clinics

Dressage and jumping clinics

During the winter break or in preparation for the coming season, clinics are often organized. Jumping and dressage clinics as well as eventing clinics offer many riders the opportunity to train externally and get new input for upcoming competitions. At About Horses you will find dates for clinics all over Germany and other countries from various trainers. A suitable clinic is also available for you. 

Intensive training for horse and rider: Riding clinics of every kind

Riding clinics are often offered in autumn, winter and spring. Most riders use this opportunity to train with other instructors during the winter break. These clinics give many riders the chance to ride once with top trainers, which is often not possible in everyday training. Clinics are usually a kind of crash course. Classical clinics usually last over a weekend, so they consist of two or three training units. Often, basic work is done on the first day. Trainer, rider and horse get to know each other and problems are analyzed. On the second day the focus is on course riding in jumping, while in dressage the focus is on lesson work or dressage tasks. In addition to weekend clinics, there is also the possibility of participating in clinics over a longer period of time. Often the horse is stabled at the trainer's stable and the student moves into a hotel for this time. 

Even if the daily training fully meets the requirements of the rider and the rider and horse are satisfied, a clinic is still a welcome opportunity to receive new input. In this way, rider and horse can grow together even better, make further progress and learn new things.

About Horses offers you the possibility to see training dates of different trainers at a glance. Decide which clinic appeals most to you and contact the provider.

Discover the different riding clinics:

  • Clinics for riding badges 
  • Dressage clinic 
  • Jumping clinic
  • Eventing clinic
  • Etc. 

Riding badge clinics

You or your child would like to ride competitions or need a higher performance class? A riding badge is required for this. For the riding badge, a dressage task and a jumping course must be completed according to the respective level, a theoretical task must be solved and approved by a judge. In preparation for the final test a clinic has to be attended. 

Riding badge clinics for children are often offered during the school holidays, but it is also possible to complete riding badges outside the holiday season. In some riding clubs weekend or evening courses are offered especially for working people, so that also busy riders have the chance to make a riding badge. 

On the interactive map at About Horses you can see at a glance where riding badge clinics are offered in your area.

Dressage clinics

Dressage riders get the opportunity to get new input from another, often still unknown trainer. On the first day of the clinic, the focus is often first on basic work and improvements are made to the rider's seat. At the beginning the trainer analyzes the problems of horse and rider in order to make appropriate corrections. In most cases an improvement can already be seen during the first training session. 

In a two-day clinic, the second day is usually used for lessons or dressage tests. Often an additional theory unit is integrated in dressage clinics. In addition, clinics are also there to ensure that the horses can be trained away from home and that they become or remain routine.

Find out more about the dressage clinics offered by our providers and take part in one of them.

Jumping clinics

Clinics are also offered for showjumping riders and horses. Through jumping clinics, amateur riders also have the opportunity to receive instruction from top trainers. 

Usually a jumping clinic is structured in such a way that flat work and gymnastics are done on the first day. On the following day, the already learned things are put into practice in the course. Some jumping clinics are supported by a video analysis and a theory part. Especially for preparation for shows, clinics are a welcome opportunity to train away from home before the show season starts.

At About Horses you will find a clear overview of all jumping clinics at a glance, you can see which clinics are in your area via the interactive map and you can contact the provider directly.

Eventing clinics

Eventing clinics are not only about cross country riding, but also about dressage and jumping. There are clinics that only focus on classical eventing, but other clinics train all three disciplines - dressage, jumping and cross-country. These clinics are usually longer than two days. 

In clinics for beginners, the participants are slowly introduced to the cross country obstacles. On the first day, experienced riders work on the basics such as the canter, the rider's seat and the attention and concentration of horse and rider. At the end of the clinic, whole courses or sections of the course are trained, jumping courses and dressage tasks are ridden. 

At About Horses you can find dates for eventing clinics to prepare for the next event.

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