Training equipment

Keep your horses trotting - and always on the move! On About Horses, you will find providers with professional equipment and the right accessories for successful training. Fast, easy, with just one click. Discover manufacturers of walkers, treadmills, and jumps - from cavalettis to oxers. To give your horse varied training, keep them psychologically and physically healthy or rehabilitate injuries in a targeted manner. For natural horse training, all year round.

Varied training with horse walkers, treadmills, and obstacles

Promote the health of your horses and prepare your four-legged athletes effectively for competition with the right equipment for targeted training. Did you know that, in nature, horses walk for up to 16 hours and cover more than 50 kilometres? 

With appropriate training equipment, you can support the natural urge of your horses to move about in a way that is and gentle on the joints. Promote muscle development, condition and ensure good blood circulation. The self-cleaning powers of the respiratory tract and the entire metabolism are activated as a result. An important basis for ensuring the health of your horse. At the same time, through controlled work, the exercise supports the entire musculoskeletal system of your horses. 

Discover providers of equipment and treadmills on About Horses. Furthermore, we will show you suppliers of professional obstacles - from obstacle rods and cavalettis to colourful gates, different sub-plates, high walls and moats. 

Just type what you are looking for into the search screen. We will show you service providers with the suitable equipment for your horse training

Give your horses versatile, effective and successful training - from the ground as from above. Whether you are training a young horse or work with sport horses in all disciplines. For healthy, powerful horses, with which you will share successes. 

Training equipment on About Horses - your benefits at a glance:

  • Horse walkers for controlled step and trot training
  • Treadmills for long-term muscle build-up
  • Obstacles for courses which fulfil all the requirements of equestrian sports.
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Horse walkers

Sustainably improve muscle condition, build muscles in a targeted manner; train your horses in walking and trotting - with the right machine. Whether for warm-ups before daily work, drying afterwards or as supplementary training unit, on our platform, you will find providers for all your needs.

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We put your horses in motion - be it walking, trotting, cantering or moving in the water. On our platform, discover providers of treadmills as unique training equipment. They encourage muscle development and satisfy the horse's natural urge to move. Regular, safe and gentle on the joints.

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Turn your horse into a champion! With our database, you will find professional obstacles for training purposes, right up to the competition courses parquet. Whether obstacle rods, cavalettis, gates, water ditches and walls. On About Horses, we will show you providers for all obstacles that you need for successful training and versatile groundwork. You can reach your goals with the correct obstacle material - you will have our support!

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Training equipment for your four-legged partner

From the round horse walker with roof canopy to aquatrainers: Which modern rehabilitation and training equipment meets your needs? You will find the answers on our platform for equestrian sport. We present a large selection of providers of training equipment. Install an oval horse walker to save space. With a covered horse walker with a longeing circle, you can meet several training purposes. You can benefit from experts who can support and advise with a lot of know-how. And respond to your wishes and local conditions. 

No matter whether it is water ditches or complete courses; we also bring you together with the right professionals for obstacle construction. In our database, you will find companies that exactly fit your needs and goals. This is ensured by our intelligent filter function. Train professionally - with About Horses, the platform for equestrian sports.

Places of delivery: Successful horse training - worldwide

Your horse stable is located in Argentina and you are looking for a horse walker provider from Germany? No matter where your location, the About Horses database will inform you whether suppliers also deliver to your region or country. From South America via Asia to Eastern Europe. Fast, easy and free of charge. Experience versatile, high-quality and tested training equipment from well-known suppliers. This will allow you and your horse to work together successfully with the suitable equipment. Each and every day, worldwide; for varied training and balanced horses with stronger muscles and more stamina.

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