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The saddle binds the horse and the rider. Your four-legged athlete can only perform at its highest level when the saddle is in the perfect position. On About Horses, discover saddleries who are true experts of their craft. Dressage saddles, jumping saddles, eventing saddles and more; with us, saddleries present themselves who can advise you with a lot of experience. Do you need a new saddle, want to customize a saddle or have it serviced? Then you are in the right place on our platform. Discover the professional that suits you. Right in your local area.

Saddleries: From saddle fitting to repair

The right saddle is of the highest quality and fits perfectly to the anatomy of the horse and rider. In the course of its life, the body of your horse will change constantly. Also, the saddle must fit in order to prevent the formation of pressure points. In order for your horse to be motivated and powerful, you need saddles with a perfect fit - and an excellent saddlery as a trustworthy partner.

At About Horses, we bring you together with experts who know their craft. A good saddler considers the needs of you and your horse. In our database, you will find the right saddlery in your area. 

This is very easy with our intelligent search. Do you want to buy a saddle or have it repaired? Do you want the saddler to come to your stable? Or are you looking for high-quality horse accessories?


On our platform, create filters exactly in accordance with the services you need:

  • Adjust saddle
  • Repair service
  • Saddles for sale
  • Appointments at your site
  • Horse accessories

On the map, you can see the locations of the saddleries at a glance. Contact the professional of your choice right in your local area. You can benefit from high-quality saddles and accessories - so that you and your horse can work together successfully every day, as a harmonious unit.


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Buy a saddle

You want to buy a new saddle? Now you need competent advice: The saddlery of your choice invests a lot of time for you and your four-legged partner. Because with the equipment stands and falls the success in equestrian sports. An unsuitable saddle can cause a lot of damage. Conversely, the riding feeling can be significantly improved by a perfectly fitting saddle. Experts measure man and horse and fit the saddle perfectly. No matter which saddle brand or whether new or used: With our help you can find the expert who will give you the best advice. 

Adjust saddle

In the course of time your horse changes constantly. Your horse grows, muscles are built up through regular training or reduced during unwanted breaks from injury. Therefore, the saddle fit must be checked regularly. Find a saddlery on About Horses that knows its craft. The experts are very familiar with the muscles and movements of the horses. They adapt the saddle perfectly to your needs and those of your four-legged partner. Whether applying upholstery or padding, changing the tree width, replacing or renewing strings: The saddlery of your confidence implements these changes in high quality. Find the right experts on our platform - for a saddle that fits perfectly every day.

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Saddle manufacturer

Do you need a new saddle? At About Horses you can get information about several saddle manufacturers. Whether you need a new dressage, jumping or eventing saddle - use the intelligent search to quickly find what you are looking for. If you are unsure which saddle is best suited to your needs, tell our saddlery about your request and let them advise you. Make an appointment and soon you will be able to hold your new saddle in your hands! 

Repair service for your horse equipment

You use halter, bridle, reins and saddle intensively every day - for long hacks, training or competitions. Most materials wear over time and need to be replaced or repaired. Are you looking for a specialist to repair an open seam on the saddle? Or would you like to have your saddle padded again? You will find first-class saddlers on About Horses. The experts take care of your leather goods with a great deal of craftsmanship. On our map you can see at a glance which professionals are at your disposal. Quick and easy. Find the right repair service now. With just a few clicks and close to you.

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