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Showjumping horses for sale

Show jumping horses for sale

You would like to buy a new showjumper and are still looking for the right sport partner? Are you looking for a top-class horse or a reliable partner for weekly jumping training or occasional local jumping competitions? About Horses can help you find the right horse seller and showjumper. Use the interactive map to find horses for sale in your area.

Capable showjumpers with the best pedigree

Finding the right jumper is not always easy. Different expectations, habits and quality standards contribute to the fact that the search for a new show jumper can take a long time. 

Jumping capability, caution when jumping, good gaits, rideability, the right attitude and a harmonious exterior are the characteristics of a perfect jumper. Finding this horse requires a trained eye, a lot of patience, proper jumping training and dressage training for rideability.   

Attributes that a perfect showjumper brings along: 

  • Jumping ability
  • Carefulness on the jump 
  • Bascule
  • Rideability
  • Good gaits 
  • Appearance

Talented youngsters with a great future in the jumping course

It is not always easy to find highly talented show jumpers at a young age. Each horse develops at different rhythms, so the level of training can vary greatly. The horses that already master a show jumping course with great rideability and a fine jumping technique usually have their price. Horses that do not yet master a show jumping course are usually cheaper to acquire - but still require a lot of training, time and patience. 

Use About Horses to find a talented showjumper online or to contact horse sellers or breeders if you like the sales stable. 

Confidence givers for amateurs and beginners in showjumping

Are you an amateur rider looking for a reliable partner for the jumping course? Would you or your children like to learn show jumping and you are looking for a confidence giver? You can also discover such horses at About Horses. 

If you don't find a horse you are interested in at the moment, you can search the profiles of the sales stables and contact horse sellers in the local area. Ask for more horses or describe your concerns so that the horse seller can find a perfect horse for you. Benefit from the experience of renowned horse sellers and feel well supported. 

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