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Horse auctions

Horse auctions

Are you looking for a new dressage horse, show jumper or a highly talented foal and thinking about buying a horse at an auction? At About Horses you can find out when and where the next auctions will take place. Whether foal auction, elite auction, riding horse auction - at About Horses you get an overview of various organizers and their auction dates. Purchase your new sports partner on site or online.

Buy your new sport horse at auction

Are you considering buying a new sports partner at a renowned auction? Are you looking for a talented horse for competitions or are you interested in a foal with a promising pedigree? Benefit from the advantages that an auction can offer you. 

At a horse auction you will have the opportunity to try various highly predisposed and selected horses at once. Auctions allow you to try several horses of the same age and level at the same place. Ride the horses and get further information about the health condition and insight into the x-rays of the horse. 

Auctions are a welcome way in the horse world to find a new sports partner. Trust the careful selection of professionals. Use About Horses to filter, compare and get an overview of auction horses from different auctions at a glance.

An overview of the different types of horse auctions: 

  • Dressage horse auction
  • Showjumper auction
  • Foal auction
  • Elite auction 
  • Online auction 
  • Riding horse auction

Elite auction

The elite auction of an association is the highlight of the current season. Only the best dressage and showjumping horses are put together in a collection. The horses are often presented at an auction parade before the actual auction.

Do not miss the event of the elite auction. Find out about upcoming auction dates at About Horses, use the intelligent filter function to compare different auctions and find your new top horse. Make an appointment to try the horses and get the award on the day of the auction - online or in person.

Online auction for horses

The online auction is a new and modern way of bidding on a horse auction. Customers are no longer coming to the auction location themselves and lifting their arms as a signal, but only placing bids online. The advantage for potential buyers is that they can bid comfortably from home or on the road. In addition, a horse can be purchased anonymously.

An online auction is also less stressful for the horses. The horses are usually not tried and only have to be presented once. Especially for foals this form of auction is an advantage, because it allows them to spend the whole summer with their mother on the field.

Riding horse auction

At riding horse auctions a collection of high-quality riding horses is selected. At the auctions dressage and showjumping horses can be offered together or separate dressage auctions or showjumping auctions are organized. 

Foal auction

Foal auctions usually take place in late summer or autumn. The best foals of the current year are selected and presented for sale at the side of the broodmare. Interesting bloodlines, best sires and promising gaits give hope for the development of a successful sport horse.  

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