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Horses for sale

Buying the right horse can be a long process. About Horses makes it quicker. On our platform, you will find the horse you are looking for. Discover highly talented horses for sale from the best bloodlines - directly from the breeder or a professional sales stable. Find out more about upcoming auctions. Here, you will find a large selection - from young to highly decorated tournament horses for show jumping, dressage, eventing, equitation and hunters. All at a glance - with just a few clicks.

Buy Horses: Sales stables, breeders and auctions

Dressage horses with ground-covering basis giants, scopy show jumping horses, young horses that are willing to learn or well-predisposed foals: On About Horses, you can find your favourites easily using the filter function: You can start your specific search and find the horses that precisely match your search query. Quick and free. 

Especially handy: On an interactive map, you can plan your journey if you are visiting stables to view the horses. You can see at a glance where all the various sales stables and horse breeders are located and the best way to get to them. At the same time, learn important background information about the individual sales stables and find out more about the horses from photos and videos. This helps you get a picture before a viewing - and make a shortlist for test rides. You will also find important auction dates mainly around the classic equestrian disciplines of show jumping, dressage and eventing. We also provide information on individual auction horses and the relevant contacts. This means you will have all the important information on the collection in advance. Do you want to make a record of an event? With one click, you can transfer the date to your personal calendar - and never miss an important auction. 

Horses for sale on About Horses - your benefits at a glance: 

  • Start specific search queries
  • Sale stables and horse breeders that precisely fit your needs 
  • Plan your personal route with the interactive map
  • Get in contact with sales stables and breeders easily
  • Overview of important auctions 
  • Transfer events to your calendar with one click.
Horse auctions


Selected foals or horses checked by vets, from the best bloodlines: On About Horses, discover the current collections of international auctions. We show you important dates. Clear and with a lot of information about the individual auction horses - including photos and videos. You will also find information on the relevant contacts and customer advisors so you have precise details even before the auction. Just click on important auction dates to transfer them to your personal calendar. Easy and fast. This gives you a full overview and means you can organise auction visits in a time-saving and convenient way.

Sales stables

Make progress every day and write your own success story! Your new partner for challenging show jumping courses or the dressage arena is waiting for you. Find professional sales stables with the right horses in their stable. This is ensured by the intelligent filter function on our platform: It provides you with results that precisely match your specific search query and brings you together with the horses you want. For all horses, you can see pictures, videos and lots of details, such as race, pedigree, level of training, tournament records and discipline. Of course, you can also find all the important information on the respective sales stable. Planning a successful horse purchase has never been this easy.

Sales stables
Dressurpferde kaufen

Buy dressage horses

At About Horses you will find both young, talented young dressage horses and instructors for the inexperienced rider! At our suppliers you will find strong moving dressage horses from the best bloodlines of even successful parent animals - from the promising youngster to the highly successful Grand Prix horse. 

Springpferde kaufen

Buy jumping horses

You can also discover jumping horses at About Horses! You will find first-class show jumpers as well as the ideal horses for hunter and equitation sport - from the wealthy youngster to the internationally successful horse. Take a look at the current horses for sale and do not hesitate to contact our suppliers and describe your ideas. 

Fohlen kaufen

Buy foals

Our suppliers regularly organise foal auctions with selected foals from the best mare lines - highly invested, strong in movement, healthy and willing to perform. Enter in the search mask, which requirements you place on your future horse and find you so fast and simply your Future-Star! 

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