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Horse transport

Horse transport

You have bought a horse, plan holidays with your horse  or want to import your new exceptional talent from abroad? Horse transport is an absolute trustful business - no matter whether you are looking for a transport agency or want to buy a new horse trailer or transporter. At About Horses you will find producer, trader, rental companies and transport companies who are specialized in safe horse transport - at home and abroad. Clear and fast. So that your valuable horses reach all destinations safely and in good condition.

Rent or buy horse transporters and horse trailers: Find the right supplier at About Horses

Horses are demanding passengers. Professional horse transporters support you in bringing your four-legged partners safely, stress-free and well cared to their destination. At About Horses you will discover producer, rental companies and dealers of horse trucks, horse transporters and horse trailers - as well as forwarding agents specialized in equestrian sports.

Are you going to horse shows with your four-legged athlete or would you like to bring your offspring to the foal show? Whether a transporter for two or a truck for ten horses, with pop-out or with several sleeping places: With the help of the intelligent search on our platform you will find the right manufacturer or rental company for your personal needs. 

Discover a suitable transport company for national and international horse transport. No matter whether you want to transport your highly talented show horse by air to the USA or by road from Verden to Brussels. On our platform you will get to know experts who will bring your valuable freight safely, comfortably and professionally to its destination.

Horse transports at About Horses: Discover manufacturer, trader or rental companies of

  • Horse trucks
  • Horse transporter
  • Horse trailer 

As well as transport agencies for any kind of horse transports.

On the map you can see the locations of the service providers at a glance. Contact our providers quickly and easily and make an appointment. Put your trust in the expertise of the transport specialists so that your horse reaches its destination in good health.

Speditionen für Ihr Pferd

Horse transport company

Across international borders or on local roads: Horse transport companies bring your valuable partners safely and comfortably from A to B. Do you take part in a horse show abroad? To ensure that your athlete is fit and willing to perform, he or she must feel comfortable and secure on board of the transporter. The experts of a horse transport company know what is important for a longer transfer. At About Horses you will find transport companies whose logistics are perfectly geared to the well-being of your horses. The intelligent filter function of our database makes it easy for you: it provides you with results that match your specific search request. Fast and convenient. Whether you're looking for land or air transport: find the right transport company for your horses on our platform.

Horse trailer

Are you looking for a horse trailer - for sale or for rent? From distributor or producer? About Horses is the right place for you: We bring you together with sellers and rental companies of horse trailers. Whether trailers with walk-in tack room or for three horses: Find suppliers with us who meet your personal expectations. Time-saving and clear. On our map you can see at a glance which suppliers are available nearby. Now you can find the perfect horse trailer for you and your four-legged partner right near you - with just a few clicks.


Horse trailer producer

The market for horse trailers leaves nothing to be desired and is becoming increasingly larger. At About Horses you will find various manufacturers of horse trailers. Find out quickly and easily about the different brands, their characteristics and their advantages in order to get a first impression and make a preselection of your favorite horse trailers.

Horse trailer sale

You already know which type of horse trailer you need? Then About Horses has the horse trailer seller for new and used trailers near you. Take a look at the map to see which distributors are in your area and contact the supplier directly. There you will receive competent advice and find the trailer that suits you and your requirements best.

Horse trailer rental

You need a horse trailer for a short time, but it is not worth buying a trailer for your purposes? It doesn't matter whether you need the trailer for just one day to go to a horse show or for a longer period of time, for example to go on holiday with your horse. Contact a supplier in your area and get an offer for your rental trailer.


Horse transporter

Horse transporters are available in many different variants - from small transporters for only two horses to large horse trucks for 12 horses. Do you drive many long distances or does your horse stand calmer when it is allowed to drive against the direction of travel? You have several horses and need a bigger transport possibility? Do you spend a lot of time at overnight competitions and need additional accommodation? Or would you like to enjoy the greater ride comfort if you can travel without a horse trailer? Horse transporters offer the highest ride comfort both for the horse and for the rider. With individual equipment, the transporter can fully satisfy your wishes and you can simply load and drive off.

Horse transporter producer

At About Horses you will find many producers of horse transporters. From the small transporters for two horses to the large horse trucks for eight horses with living cabin - our manufacturers fulfill every wish and manufacture your ideal horse transporter, so that you and your horses always arrive comfortably at their destination. Contact our producers and let them help you.

Horse transporter sale

You would like to buy a new or used horse transporter? We guarantee you will find what you are looking for at our horse transporter distributors! Do you only need a small transporter for two horses or a larger horse truck with living cabin for overnight competitions? Our suppliers always have a selection of new and used vehicles in stock. Contact us and let us make you an offer.

Horse transporter rental

You do not currently have your own vehicle for transporting your horse? No problem - you can also rent horse transporters from our suppliers. Both small transporters for two horses and larger horse trucks are available for rent at any time, so that nothing prevents your plans. Simply load the horses and realize your goals! Find a provider near you on the map and contact them. 

Repair & service of your horse trailer or transporter

Your horse trailer or transporter has to go to the garage routinely? The general inspection is due every two years so that you can continue to transport your horse from A to B without any worries. Or you have had a breakdown and need a repair or would like to have a small damage repaired? In these and other cases you should contact one of our garages in order to have the horse transporter or trailer repaired quickly so that you can continue to get your horse safely to its destination. Use the interactive map to search for suppliers in your area and enjoy fair prices, fast repairs and great service!

Reparatur & Service Ihres Pferdeanhängers oder -transporters

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