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Well-maintained and properly fitted horseshoes are the basis for healthy horse life. On About Horses, we bring you together with farriers who know their craft. Whether for classic, sporting or orthopaedic purposes: you will find professional farriers for all types of farriery. Find out more at a glance. Make the best choice - for healthy hooves and a powerful horse!

Foals, sport horses or pensioners - farriers & hoof orthopaedists for every occasion

The hooves of your four-legged partner are its foundation. Whether galloping, trotting, jumping: your athletes regularly perform at their peak. This means that correctly fitted horseshoes are important. They prevent joints from wearing out or becoming inflamed. Every five to eight weeks, an expert takes off the shoes and brings the hoof into shape. This helps your horse stand optimally on its hooves and remain healthy.

Put your horse in safe hands. On About Horses, you will find the right farrier for every stage of your horse’s life: 
special fittings can correct posture problems up to the age of two. For competition horses, correct fitting is especially important. We will bring you together with the appropriate farriery experts.

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Make the best choice as a horse owner - for healthy, well-maintained hooves and a powerful horse.

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Sports farriery

Whether jumping, dressage or eventing: with your four-legged partner, you rely on maximum performance. Perfect sports farriery is a precondition for this. On About Horses, you will find the farrier who meets your requirements. Professionals individually fit the sport shoe on the hoof of your horse in accordance with their discipline. For example, an aluminium iron is lighter and can give your dressage horse more momentum. Showjumping horses must be able to move to the side well, making tight corners easier. Therefore, the farriery is key to success. Discover professional farriers on our site - with just a few clicks. All of this, in your area. For a successful sporting career for rider and horse.

Orthopaedic farriery

Experts in orthopaedic farriery use different horseshoe types in therapy. 
This can help correct posture problems such as a clubfoot. Special fittings can also be used for tendon injuries or diseases such as laminitis and navicular disease. Are you looking for a specialist who can work with your vet with confidence? On our website, you will find details of farriers who are specialised in orthopaedics. They will ensure that your horse stands on healthy legs. Build on the knowledge of experts - we help you to find the right one. Quick and free.

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Classic farriery

A competent farrier is a reliable partner for horse and rider. They cut the hooves, grind the horn, forge the horseshoes and fit them individually to each of your horses’ hooves. Thanks to many years of experience, these professionals know the best fitting for your four-legged athletes. With About Horses, you will find competent professionals for this important task. It has never been easier. In our smart database, you can filter results exactly according to the services you need from a farrier. This helps you reach their destination quickly and easily. Arrange an appointment with the specialist of your choice. Right in your local area. For the welfare and health of your horse.

Hoof orthopaedist

Your horses don't need horseshoes? In this case you will also find competent hoof orthopaedists who professionally care for and treat your horse's hooves. With this type of hoof treatment, the forces of the ground, which permanently influences the horse's hooves, and the actual abrasion are considered. The hoof orthopaedist controls this in a different way from the outset and thus avoids one-sided abrasion. Find the right hoof orthopaedist nearby and let your horse's hooves be cared professional! 

Orthopädischer Beschlag
Deckeleisen zur Bekämpfung von Hufkrebs

Lid horseshoe system

For the treatment of hoof diseases, in particular hoof cancer, a new lid horseshoe system was developed. This method makes it possible for the farrier to continue shoeing the horse and treat the injured areas without having to remove the shoe. This allows the owner or the veterinarian to easily treat the area through an opening and then close it tightly so that no germs or dirt can get into the wound. Does your horse have problems with frog cancer, thrush or other hoof diseases? Contact one of our experts or inform yourself here.

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