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Horse health

A wrong step or a careless movement - it's a common occurrence: your four-legged partner gets hurt. Now you need the help of specialists. On About Horses, you will find experts who care about the health of your four-legged partner - from physiotherapists, horse dentists, veterinary practices to horse clinics. And all of this in your local area. Find out on our platform - so that your horse is healthy, happy and quickly ready to work again.

Horse health: Veterinary clinics, veterinary practices, rehabilitation centres, physiotherapy and more

Keep your four-legged athletes mentally and physically healthy and rehabilitate injuries in a targeted manner. About Horses will help you; with animal clinics, veterinary practices or horse dentists - discover the right specialists on our platform.
Are you looking for a clinic with a surgical department or a physiotherapist who offers acupuncture?

On About Horses, you will find the best medical care for your horse:

  • Veterinary clinics
  • Veterinary surgeries
  • Rehabilitation centres 
  • Physiotherapists
  • Horse dentists

Simple and uncomplicated, with just a few clicks using our filter function; enter your specific request and discover suitable experts and clinics. In your local area. With background information on veterinarians and health professionals, you can form your own impressions. Choose the exact specialist to provide the professional care for the well-being of your horse.

On the map, you can also see at a glance where the horse health specialists practice. You can find the experts in your area and contact them easily. 

For expert assistance for all horse diseases and injuries. Because the health of your four-legged athletes is the most precious asset.

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Horse clinics

Whether surgery, emergency medicine or ophthalmology; on About Horses, you will find the right veterinary clinic. Find competent and dedicated medical care - whether it is for a member of the family or an Olympic champion. Using our intelligent search, sort the listed clinics according to key criteria with only one click - from the purchase examination up to orthopaedics. Right in your area. Simple, fast and time-saving.

Horse veterinarian

The health and daily care of your four-legged athletes is close to our heart. That's why you will find the right specialist veterinarian for your horse on About Horses. Fast, easy and free of charge. Your foal has to be vaccinated? You need a specialist for trauma surgery? Or are you looking for an expert in purchase examinations? Whether stationary practice or outpatient treatment in your barn. Take advantage of our intelligent database and discover the right specialist for the health of your horse. In addition, our platform includes specialists for alternative treatment methods such as chiropractic or acupuncture. Keep your horses healthy and agile - we have the contacts you need.

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Rehabilitation centres

Is your four-legged partner injured? Has your horse fallen due to illness or does it need an operation? Now it is important that it gets back onto its legs and back to its former strength. On About Horses, you can find rehabilitation centres with different therapeutic approaches. Aquatraining helps your horse to quickly build muscle again after an operation; even your healthy sport horses will benefit from this. The training improves general fitness and has a preventive effect. After tendon or muscle injuries, magnetic field therapy supports the healing process. The rehabilitation experts know the best treatment for your horse. Find your competent contact partner now - on About Horses, the platform for equestrian sport. 


The joints, tendons and spine of your four-legged partners are sensitive. Muscular problems often occur due to acute injuries, posture problems or overload. With physiotherapy, you can treat such painful disorders and prevent them. On About Horses, find physiotherapy experts with many years of expertise. Benefit from professional therapists who keep your horses powerful and agile. For a long and healthy life and record performances at the competition sites of the world. Discover experts for the health of your horse - we will help you!

Equine Osteopathy

In a movement, only one gear wheel needs to be clamped, and the entire function of the mechanical movement is already limited. It is similar with your horse. If a small unit of this system does not work, for example, if your horse has fallen, pain will occur in the long run. The equine osteopath can restore the horse's mobility and, by stimulating the blood circulation, helps it to regain its finely tuned bodily functions. With regula check-ups by an equine ostepath, your horse can feel completely comfortable. Find the right contact person at About Horses!


Veterinary practitioner

Does your horse feel uncomfortable, is it injured and would you like to treat your horse with alternative methods? About Horses is the place to find the right equine healer for you and your horse. The veterinary practitioners are primarily concerned with homeopathic treatment methods, but also phytotherapy, manual therapy, traditional Chinese medicine or dietetics are specialties of the equine practitioners. Magnetic field therapy is also a field of activity for equine alternative practitioners, but it is also becoming increasingly popular in orthodox medicine. Has your interest been raised? Then use the intelligent search and find a horse healer close to you.

Therapy and training systems for your horse

Wether preventive or for rehabilitation after an injury, as a wellness unit in between or integrated into the daily training routine. Therapy and training systems are meanwhile familiar to every rider. Massage blankets, physical vascular therapy, magnetic field products, vibration plates, horse spas or aqua training, all these possibilities can provide your horse with targeted support. They loosen the musculature, enable training that is easy on the joints or can help to heal injuries. 

Aquatraining for horses


Aquatraining is a particularly suitable method for training after a break from injury. Due to the lower gravity in the water, the joints are spared and the horse is still working. But the aquatrainer is also often integrated into the daily training schedule of sport and leisure horses. A balance can be created an the horses are still trained properly and their muscels and condition are built up. 

Horse dentists

Regular, professional dental treatment is important - so your four-legged partners feel good and stay healthy. On About Horses, you will find horse dentists near you. These professionals will check the mandibular joint, the molars and incisors of your horse. As a result, your horses will chew their food optimally and without pain. Whether you want to correct positional problems or remove wolf teeth; on our platform, you will find professional and experienced horse dentists. For the long-term, sustainable dental health of your horses.

Horse inhalation

Meanwhile more and more horses suffer from respiratory diseases. These diseases often manifest themselves in the horse by coughing. No matter wether it is infectious or allergic, acute or chronic, inhalation is a very proven form of therapy. 
If the veterrinaian advises you to inhale the horse regularly, you will have to decide between different methods of inhalation. There are inhalation masks that are put on the hoses, brine chambers where the horses can inhalte the brine or mobile inhalation trailers that come to your riding stable. You can find out more about the various possibilities for horse inhalation form our suppliers! 

Horse thermography

Through thermal imaging cameras it is possible to scan he horse holistically. Thermography is often used to detect unfathomable lameness. Through the play of colours affected areas become visible and the diagnosis is simplified. In addition, thermography is also often used to check the saddle.  Pressure points are marked by red areas on the thermal image and and thus found morer quickly. 
A regular thermographic check-up to detect problems before they become visible to the human eye is another advantage of horse thermography. Let our suppliers advise you about the wide world of horse thermography! 

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