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The selection of obstacles in equestrian sports is varied. Would you like to buy or rent a training course for jumping, show obstacles for your next horse show or nature obstacles for eventing? Or would you like to exercise your horse over trotter bars or cavalettis to keep your daily training varied? Do you need a new dressage square limit? At About Horses you'll find a variety of providers who specialise in the construction of obstacles and also offer dressage rectangle limits. 

Trotting pole work, oxer, cavalettis, dual lanes & co.

The training of the horses can be varied with various possibilities. Whether trotting pole work, cavaletti work or parcours jumping - bring variety to the training of your horse.

For eventing and show jumping horses as well as for dressage horses the daily training can be varied with obstacles of any kind. Whether pole work, cavaletti work or parcours jumping - there are various possibilities. 

Find out more about training course providers as well as tournament and advertising obstacles at About Horses. Design the daily training of your show jumper varied with jumps, gymnastics or cavalettis. 

Also for dressage horses pole and cavaletti work are an important training component. The hindquarters of the horse can be activated more, the back can be arched up and the rhythm of the horse can be improved. 

Discover different possibilities of obstacles at About Horses:

  • Training course
  • Tournament and advertising obstacles
  • Versatility barriers
  • Bar work
  • Cavaletti work
  • Dressage square limits
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Obstacles for showjumping and jumping at home

Obstacles for the jumping course have become more and more colourful and unusual in the course of time. There are almost no limits to the design. This variety is also a challenge for the horses. It is therefore an advantage to use high-quality and differently coloured obstacle poles and stands for regular jumping training. 

Are you looking for equipment for the jumping course? No problem - you can also find the right supplier for this. Whether oxer, vertical or a wall - with About Horses you can inform yourself about suppliers who sell or rent the suitable jumping course for you. Or simply ask if you want to order your advertising obstacle. 

Pole work for a varied training with your horse

Would you like to diversify your horse's training and include gymnastic work in your training plan? Ideal for this is working over poles or cavalettis. Use crotch, trot and gallop poles to activate the horse's hindquarters, arch up the back and improve the horse's pace. 

Dual lanes are also suitable for everyday training. In well thought-out courses consisting of laid alleys made of yellow and blue foam poles, the aim is to increase the horse's concentration and straightness.

Are you looking for obstacle material for your riding stable, your riding club or for your private training with the horse? Find what you're looking for at About Horses and contact the supplier that's right for you. 

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Gymnastik & Cavalettiarbeit

Gymnastics with cavalettis for your horse

Working with cavalettis is an easy way to gymnasticise the horse in a varied way. The cavaletti serves the strengthening of the musculature, promotion of the cadence and gives the horse more expression and security. A combination of cavalettis at different heights and distances and breaking in from different gaits does not limit the variety of the training. 

Cavalettis also help to improve the rider's sense of distance and rhythm in jumping training. Rows, in-and-outs at a distance of approx. 3 m and other combinations increase the horse's reflexes and jumping power. 

Cavalettis are available in various designs - as a single part with attached side panels, with individual plastic blocks or even made of foam blocks - About Horses helps you to find the right supplier for your new cavaletti.

Obstacles for eventing

Eventing obstacles differ significantly from obstacles for the jumping course because they have a stable basic construction made of solid wood. Even with terrain obstacles, the design variants are in no way inferior to those of oxer and verticals - only with the difference that these are built stable and often anchored in the ground. 

Due to the massive construction method, the safety of the terrain obstacles is strongly in the focus.

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Enclosure of the dressage arena

Are you looking for a new enclosure of the arena? Some obstacle builders also offer limits for a dressage arena. Check out About Horses for more information about shapes & variations and find your suitable provider. 

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