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Business consulting

Put your horse business on the right business footing - with the right professionals at your side. From start-up to an optimised concept for your day-to-day operation; on About Horses, you will find specialised business consultants who recognise the challenges you have and know how to master them. Always reliable and discreet. Helping you get started in the horse industry or maximise your success.

Advice for horse businesses: Use potentials – work to achieve business success

Would you like to establish yourself in the equestrian industry and need help with your start-up? Or do you want to optimize processes in your equestrian business in order to work even more economically in the future? On our platform for equestrian sports, we introduce you to business consultants who have specialized in exactly these topics. The experienced professionals will support you with your daily challenges in practice, no matter whether you need advice on your business plan, the financing of your projects or an expert opinion for your equestrian centre.On our platform - we can provide you with business consultants that specialise in exactly these matters. 

Success in the horse industry - that is what the management consultants at About Horses offer you:

  • Start-up advice - create the best starting conditions
  • Business consulting - better use of resources and efficient working
  • Expert opinions - increase opportunities for building permits
  • Marketing - make your horse business better known

Start your business successfully, use potential, work in a sustainable way: You can benefit from the experience of business consultants - and get your horse business on track.

Horsemanship, horse coaching, loading training & more

Mental strength is the key to success!Trust in the horse is not built up by riding. A large part of the work is done on the ground. Horsemanship is of great importance here. To really understand the horse and to respond to the individual needs of the horse is the motto. Horse coaching and horsemanship teaches exactly that. But even if the horse does not want to be loaded, trust is the most important key and this work is the way to happiness. Experienced loading trainers can help you with that! 

Mental training for riders - finally relaxed riding

Mental strength is the key to success! Do you also have situations in which you are very stressed or even blocked? Many riders know this feeling, especially in competitions. In order to regain this mental strength, you will also find mental trainers who have specialized in mental problems with the horse, in the course or in the dressage arena. Don't be afraid to ask an expert. Let our suppliers advise you! 

What belongs in a successful business plan for your horse business? Benefit from advice & support

What funding can you apply for, how can you plan your financing securely and what is involved in a successful, detailed business plan for your horse business? When you start a company, you are confronted by a mountain of questions. Find the right answers on About Horses; on our platform, we list specialized business consultants for you who will help you start a new business.  Get the support of consultants with in-depth knowledge of the equestrian world; work out your precise business idea - and get it off to a successful start. For an ideal start for your equestrian business. From the very beginning and every step of the way.

Marketing: Excite your target group

Make people aware of your horse business and reach your customers with the right advertising messages. Compelling, unique logos, business cards or professional flyers: On About Horses, you will find professionals who will advise you on targeted and successful marketing. 
Do you want to present yourself and your horse business with your own website on the Internet? On our platform, discover experts who will help you in design and development. For a winning presence. You can benefit from the advice of professionals with a lot of experience as you make your step into the digital world. And use exactly the right marketing. For sustainable business success. 

Strategic business development: Examine strengths and weaknesses

Get the most out of your horse business with the correct business advice. At About Horses, we will put you in touch with experienced business advisers. The professionals analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your horse business with you. They will also show you how to make better use of resources and potentials and how to optimise processes in your business, helping you work more profitably in the future. At the same time, good advice can help you recognise important trends at an early stage and to react to them properly. On our platform, discover professionals with whom you can orient your business perfectly. For a successful future for your business. 

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