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Horse boxes

You already own a riding facility and would like to build new horse boxes or plan to build a new riding facility? At About Horses you will find all types of horse boxes and stable lanes at the best conditions. Let us advise you and decide together which horse stable can be optimally integrated into your riding facility.

Indoor and outdoor boxes for your horse

Would you like to restore existing indoor boxes or build new outdoor boxes? Do you have a precise idea of how your horse boxes should be designed? Whether curved fronts, exclusive windows, privacy protection on the feed trough, open partition walls for more social contact, integrated hayracks, small lockers under the feed trough for equipment or other individual wishes - our suppliers will fulfill every wish. Would you like to build a complete stable lane with cleaning areas and tack room or have you decided on outdoor boxes? 

Contact our suppliers and let them advise you in a conversation. The intelligent search function enables you to find the company that suits you best - quickly and easily.

Paddockboxes for more freedom

You already have existing horseboxes and would like to extend them to paddockboxes? Do you build new boxes and have decided on paddock boxes? There are many different variants with different floor coverings, different doors for the horses and further individualisation possibilities. 

You can find out more about the different versions of the boxes with integrated paddocks from our suppliers and arrange a consultation. Do you already have precise ideas about the new boxes? Contact your preferred supplier and ask for an offer. Paddock boxes will soon be built at your riding facility exactly according to your ideas.

Mobile horse boxes for more flexibility

Do you quickly need more boxes or are you planning a horse show for which stable tents are needed? With mobile horse boxes you have the flexibility you need. Mobile boxes are suitable for setting up individual horse boxes when more capacity is needed for a short period of time. 

Stable tents are ideal for events in which a larger number of horse boxes must be available. Stable tents can be installed and dismantled quickly on any surface and offer space for a large number of horses. Sometimes it is possible that the stable tent has windows, so the horses can feel comfortable all around.

Open stable for sufficient mobility

Open stables are an alternative way of keeping any horse. Whether young horses, leisure horses, sport horses or pensioners - every horse feels comfortable there. Open stables are designed in such a way that the horses stand in small groups and have a shelter similar to a box with an attached paddock and free access to the field. So each horse can decide individually if it would like to stand in the box or on the paddock or if it would rather have some grass from the field. The horses have additional movement and are kept fit by the ways between box and field.  They don't have to turn on small circles but can go straight ahead for longer distances. Ask our suppliers for an offer of an open stable. 

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