Riding facility construction

Do you want to build, develop or expand a riding facility? On About Horses, you will find companies which have specialised in building horse riding facilities. And they offer you exactly what you're looking for - from light-flooded horse stables up to arenas with the perfect riding surface. Fast, simple and clear.

Building a riding facility: stables, riding arenas, longeing halls, equestrian surfaces and more

Do you need a German riding arena constructor who can you build an ebb-and-flow riding surface in Mexico? Or do you just need a fence supplier for your paddocks? On About Horses, you will find specialised providers for your plans and personal ideas with just a few clicks. 

Our practical filter function makes it easy; we organise the equestrian sport construction industry into different categories so you can quickly find what you are looking for. Your ideas become a home for your horses. 

Put your ideas into action; the companies present their services with a detailed profile. You can see at a glance what services and concepts they offer - and whether they meet your requirements. 

Build, develop or expand riding facilities - on our platform, discover providers for 

  • Horse stables
  • Riding and longeing halls
  • Horse boxes (outdoor boxes, indoor boxes, paddock boxes)
  • Riding outdoor arenas, paddocks and longeing circles
  • Riding surfaces
  • Gates, doors, windows
  • Irrigation systems 
  • Fences
  • Stable devices

On About Horses, you will quickly find providers with the appropriate products and services. For horse husbandry which guarantees light, air and sufficient room for movement.

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Horse stable

Whether you need a simple stable extension or an entire new building, on About Horses, you will find providers for your professional stable. Simply use the convenient search function on our platform. It will show you companies in your area, with which you can plan and implement your ideas exactly. Functional, suitable for horses, architecturally well thought-out. Get to know the various providers now, contact them and seek their advice. For optimal husbandry conditions and stables in which your horses feel at home.

Riding hall and longeing hall

Well thought-out and high-quality; we will introduce you to providers with whom you can make your riding or longeing hall a reality, in precise accordance with your personal wishes. Provide your horses with optimum training conditions - all year round. At About Horses, we will help you find the right company for the job. From standard buildings to custom projects; build your riding or longeing hall. Here, you will find the right experts - simple, fast, free of charge.

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Safe, suitable for horses and durable - functional or exclusive; find a range of horsebox providers on About Horses. Make outdoor boxes, indoor boxes or paddock boxes according to your needs. Give your horse stable an individual look. You will find horse boxes in numerous designs, sliding doors, turning doors, wing doors or swivel systems. With décor elements and powder coatings in different colours, you can set special accents. On our platform, you can find companies with which you can implement your individual ideas. Discover your possibilities now!

Riding arenas

Do you want a create a new area for your horses or improve your existing one? On About Horses, we will give you an overview of riding arena constructors - including ones in your local area. Our intelligent filter function allows you to find the perfect provider within a short period of time - for your riding arena, your paddocks or your longeing circle. On our platform, you will discover the services and benefits the individual companies offer at a glance. Select your favourite system, be it mats, layers, or an ebb-and-flow system. With us, you will find a trusted expert. For outdoor and indoor arenas which make both riders and horses happy.

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Riding surfaces

Sand or fibres - which surface is best for your riding arena? On About Horses, you will find companies that can assist you with a lot of expert know-how. As a dressage rider, benefit from a highly elastic treading layer. Show jumping riders train on solid trading layers - for more hold and grip. Experience tread-resistant, dust-free soil on which rain water seeps into the ground immediately and does not freeze, even in winter. For a good riding feeling - 365 days a year. Find professional and experienced riding surface providers on our platform.

Leading and lunging facilities

On About Horses, discover manufacturers of leading and lunging devices - quick and easy! 


Visible and high-quality; find the appropriate fences for your riding arena, pastures or paddocks. On About Horses, we introduce you to various providers. 

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Windows, doors, gates

You can make your riding facility suitable for horses and stylish - with matching gates, doors and windows. On our platform, we will show you the appropriate experts. 

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Keep your soil moist and free of dust with the right irrigation system. Whether riding hall or outdoor arena irrigation; with us, you will find the right company.

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