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Stable equipment

Even in a horse stable, the use of helpful stable equipment is unavoidable. Find out at About Horses about possibilities to simplify your daily work processes around the stable with systems and automation. From feeding and watering horses to stable safety systems and stable machines - you will find the supplier with the right solution for your stable. In addition, we introduce you to suppliers of various riding arena levellers for the optimal care of your indoor and outdoor arenas.

Stable equipment at a glance

Are you looking for a supplier of security systems such as locking systems and video surveillance or are you interested in hay racks, automatic feeders and modern drinking troughs? You'll find what you're looking for in the safety, feeding and watering technology categories on About Horses. 

Sweepers, tractors and farm loaders will help you to make your daily work easier. In the stable equipment category you will find suppliers who have specialized in machines for the equestrian industry. On our platform you will find the right supplier for your needs in the field of stable equipment.

The intelligent filter on our platform ensures that you find the suitable product in a time-saving and clear manner: Enter what you are looking for in the search screen and our database will provide you with results that exactly match your requirements. 

The interactive map shows you immediately where the suppliers are located. This enables you to quickly and easily discover the right company.

Benefit from the experience and know-how of the suppliers for stable equipment - from riding arena levellers to feeding technology:

  • Riding arena levellers
  • Feeding technology
  • Stable machines
  • Horse bedding 
  • Safety systems for horse stables 
  • Horse drinking trough


Riding arena levellers and more

Find the appropriate riding arena planner for your indoor or outdoor riding arena. Find out about suppliers, their products and differences with regard to different riding arena surfaces. You will find the right products and suppliers. You can read about which type of floor care is best suited for your floor in our blog.

Geräte für die Pflege von Reitböden
Haygain für staubfreies und schmackhaftes Heu - Heubedampfer.

Feeding technology

The automation of feeding in horse stables is a topic that becomes increasingly important. Benefit from 24-hour roughage in haystacks or automatic feeders that make your work easier by delivering small portions of feed several times a day. Prevent diseases such as colic or stomach ulcers in horses by keeping your horse's feeding breaks as short as possible.  

Reducing the amount of dust in the hay is also becoming more and more important, as many horses are sensitive to dust or even develop dust allergies. Find out about hay dust removal or steaming methods to give your horse the best possible conditions. Get in touch with companies that offer suitable products for you or read more about this topic here!

Stable machines

Working in the stable involves a lot of effort, which is why many stable operators use various stable machines and vehicles to help them. The cleaning and maintenance of the farm is also a challenge. To make these tasks easier, About Horses offers a wide range of tractors, farm loaders and farm cleaning equipment. Find out more about the various alternatives and decide on the right stable machine.

Horse bedding

Are you looking for the ideal bedding for your horse or your whole stable? Our suppliers have a large repertoire of different absorbent floor coverings for horse boxes. Whether you are looking for classic straw, simple shavings or special bedding for allergic horses - let our suppliers advise you and find the ideal bedding! 

Safety systems for horse stables

Would you like to make your stable and pastures safer? Find out about security systems that protect your riding facility from unwanted visitors. You can't have your eyes everywhere - install systems such as locking systems or video surveillance for stables, horse walkers or pastures. Learn more about the possibilities to make your riding facility safer!

Sicherheitssysteme für Pferdebetriebe

Horse drinking trough

Equip your stable or pasture with horse drinking troughs or renew your old system. Find out about the different watering systems and which is the best way for you to water the horses on the pasture. Discover winter measures in the form of heating systems for your stable drinking troughs. Inform yourself about stable and pasture watering systems as well as heating systems - compare our suppliers.

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